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OTR’s Maize bridges a Latin US food space with a imaginative fusion menu

Samstag, April 25th, 2020

OTR’s Maize bridges a Latin US food space with a imaginative fusion menu

The eatery honors conventional meals from across Latin America, with an emphasis on Venezuelan food

The outside of Maize Picture: Hailey Bollinger

Maize, an innovative new Over-the-Rhine eatery which launched during the early July, focuses on an unique fusion menu that honors old-fashioned dishes from across Latin America, having an emphasis on Venezuelan cuisine.

“It’s difficult to get real meals that truly originated in (Latin America) and therefore are being served the way in which it is allowed to be and honored just how it must be, ” says Maize co-owner Louisa Reckman. She’s held it’s place in the restaurant company for over 14 years, lately once the owner of Queen City broadcast. “I don’t think you can find many restaurants that do that in Cincinnati, and I also genuinely believe that was missing — specially Venezuelan and Puerto Rican (offerings). ”

Fellow co-owner Angel Batista is a indigenous of Puerto Rico and, inside the very first foray to the restaurant company, is adamant about keeping tradition. He was raised surrounded by various cooking impacts, including Venezuelan fare. (Puerto Rico is due north of Venezuela, divided by the Caribbean Sea. )

“We do this by actually maintaining these dishes, the actual authenticity brought away through the use of a base of tradition, ” he says. “The plating and means we’re bringing items to the dining dining table, all things are really old-fashioned, maybe not prepared. ”

The restaurant took its title from maize, a corn flour dating back to some 10,000 years and very first employed by indigenous Mexicans. The flour functions as the foundation for the arepas, cachapas and empanadas served at Maize, and even, Batista talks about the material once the kick off point when it comes to restaurant’s concept that is whole. (mehr …)