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Film vs. Reality: the true tale for the Von Trapp Family

Donnerstag, November 28th, 2019

Film vs. Reality: the true tale for the Von Trapp Family

By Joan Gearin

Maria von Trapp, picture from her Declaration of Intention, dated January 21, 1944. (Records of District Courts associated with united states of america, RG 21)

We first saw the movie The noise of Music as being a child that is young probably within the belated 1960s. We liked the singing, and Maria had been therefore pretty and sort! As I expanded older, more aware of globe history, and saturated by viewing the film one or more times annually, I became struck and aggravated by the somewhat sanitized tale regarding the von Trapp family members it told, plus the bad 1960s hairdos and costumes. „It is perhaps maybe not historically accurate!“ I would protest, an archivist that is small the generating. When you look at the very early 1970s We saw Maria von Trapp by by herself on Dinah Shore’s tv series, and child, had been she in contrast to the Julie Andrews type of Maria! She did not seem like Julie, and she found as a real force of nature. In taking into consideration the fictionalized movie version of Maria von Trapp when compared with this very genuine Maria von Trapp, I came to appreciate that the storyline for the von Trapp family members ended up being most likely one thing closer to human being, and for that reason significantly more interesting, compared to the film led me to believe. (mehr …)