Nearly Universal Vape to Waterpipe Adapter (Small)

Nearly Universal Vape to Waterpipe Adapter (Small)

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Item Description

Made to fit both 14mm and 18mm feminine bubblers / waterpipes, this adapter that is versatile one accessory no real vaporist should live without! This flexible adapter fits a big selection of E-Cigs and Vaporizers with tiny mouthpieces (both round and irregular shaped).

The next is a tiny listing of vapes that have been confirmed to match this adapter. This list will grow with evaluating, but won’t ever contain every vape available on the highland pharms cbd gummies market. If you’re uncertain your vaporizer will fit, please call us. (Note we’ll accept returns if this adapter will not fit your vape – component should be unused. Test-fitting is permitted, but we can’t accept returns when they have now been utilized. Shipping costs won’t be refunded)

Confirmed suitable Vaporizers: – Haze Vaporizer – Metal Stem = Perfect Fit / Glass Stem = somewhat Loose (nevertheless works) – appropriate for both v2 and v3 editions of vape- Davinci Ascent – Fits, but requires some ‚encouragement‘ to insert mouthpiece into adapter. – Dynavap Vapcap – Snug secure fit- Elevape Smart Vape – verified fit- Flowermate 5.0 and 5.0s – Confirmed fit- Vapman Vaporizer – verified fit- Underdog Vaporizer – works closely with Stainless Stem Suggestion

E-Cigs / Pen Vapes: – Atmos Disposable E-Hookah – Works great! Snug fit- eGo Clearomizer (with standard mouthpiece) – Perfect Fit- Ophos Vaporizer – Confirmed fit- Puffco Plus Vape – Perfect fit

Component is made of Aquarium-Grade Silicone and Corn Starch. It’s non-toxic and vapor safe whenever treated. Adapters are safe to completely clean with any glass that is traditional practices including hot water, Isopropyl Alcohol, and PBW.

(These components are cast and trimmed by hand, the adapter might have imperfections that are slight as bubbles. All components are analyzed for critical dilemmas and re-cast if required. Any defects that are remaining be solely aesthetic and won’t impact performance. Please e mail us ASAP if you learn a crucial problem!)

*While we remember to pre-make these adapters, your adapter may possibly not be completely cured when delivered. Freshly cast components may have a vinegar scent as they treat. The scent shall dissipate briefly. After the scent is finished, you are able to clean with hot water and/or Isopropyl Alcohol if desired*

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