2018-2019 Scores&Stats NHL Betting Power Rankings: Return On Investment

Now that the St. Louis Blues have officially ended the dreams for 30 other teams, where does every other group fall in the mix? The 2018-19 NHL season was nothing short of fantastic, it was a barn-burning season that saw teams such as the Tampa Bay Lightning win a record-tying 62 games, but then fall flat from the playoffs while suffering a 4-game sweep.
The Boston Bruins ended the regular season with 49 wins but could not safeguard their home-ice advantage in the Stanley Cup Finals. What about the Toronto Maple Leafs, will they ever get over the hump or was this last season another reminder of years gone by? Who’s a chance to be the next season that is upstart? St. Louis proved that anybody with a work ethic and want can acquire in the NHL. Buffalo came surprisingly strong at the first half of the season but couldn’t keep it together when the race began to heat up. The Islanders looked tough from the east but frustrated once more. Exactly the same story nashville. What about San Jose? Do they have what it takes to win out in next year’s playoffs? The Penguins… The list goes on and on of“what if’s“. Who has the merchandise for the 2019-20 season?
This standing isn’t a popularity list, recall, this is an NHL Betting Power Ranking and the previous ranking of this 2018-19 NHL season. What things to bettors is that made the most money and that brought home the best Return On Investment (ROI). Though these ranked teams might not start next season out as they ended this year, this ranking is the point where the money stands and also the best option if the season were to start tomorrow. We hope you’ve enjoyed the season standing over the past NHL year, and hope that you will stay tuned for more on NHL news so that you can be prepared for a winning year in 2019-20.
Final 2018-19 NHL ATS Trends:
Road Teams: 667-604 52.48%
Home Teams: 604-667 47.52%
Favorites: 460-811 36.19%
Underdogs: 811-460 63.81%
Road Favorites: 116-260 30.85percent Road Underdogs: 551-344 61.56%
Home Favorites: 344-551 38.44%
Home Underdogs: 260-116 69.15%
Over & Under Trends:
Overtime Games: 142 Overs- 52.40% 129 Unders- 47.60%
Regular Time Games: 441 Overs- 46.96% 498 Unders- 53.04%
Total Games: 583 Overs- 48.18% Unders- 627- 51.82%

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