Live Sports Betting

Live Betting Strategy by Sport

Each sport has varied live wager types along with who you believe will win the game or cover the spread. Since live gambling is very much a prop bet in its own right, it lets you bet on other props. For example, in baseball you can live bet on matters such as the outcome of the next plate appearance, total pitches thrown in a half inning, as well as total strikeouts.

Some of the props you can bet on in other sports before the game starts may also be created live. Like in live basketball betting, you can gamble in an over/under prop of joint points, assists, and rebounds from a specific player. And as the game moves along so too will the complete based on how the player is doing. You’ll see that in soccer. You may see an over/under for total receptions by a wide receiver. When it in halftime he hasn’t caught a pass, then the over/under will not move. Just the odds depending which side you want to bet.

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