In the next circumstances the Voivode may revoke a work license

In the next circumstances the Voivode may revoke a work license

Whenever can an ongoing work permit be revoked?

  1. the circumstances or proof on whose foundation the license had been awarded have actually changed and also the Voivode wasn’t informed thereof;
  2. the cause of the work license to be awarded no longer exists ( e.g. the work agreement with all the foreigner happens to be ended, the company went bankrupt);
  3. the Voivode happens to be notified that the foreigner would not use up work within a few months of the start of legitimacy for the work license, or perhaps the job had been completed sooner than three months ahead of the termination associated with work license without consulting the company;
  4. the company has not yet satisfied the obligations incumbent on him associated with trying to get a work license for the foreigner and work of a;
  5. In the absence of permission/consent from another institution required for the foreigner to be able to perform work in a given position or profession;
  6. the Voivode happens to be informed that the foreigner is placed in the register of foreigners whoever stay on the territory of Poland is undesirable.

Obligations of this manager within the procedure of legalization of a foreigner’s work with Poland as well as the consequences of violations

There are many obligations incumbent upon a company trying to get work license for a foreigner. These generally include:

  • informing the foreigner concerning the steps undertaken to issue a work license as well as other occasions impacting the said procedure;
  • Exercising diligence that is due performing the task for issuing and expanding the credibility associated with work permit;
  • Implementing the conditions of the contract with the foreigner as described in the application for a ongoing work license;
  • the agreement is determined written down and translated into a language understandable for the foreigner before being finalized;
  • supplying 1 content associated with work license along with other papers pertaining to work into the worker;
  • informing the Voivode in regards to the foreigner maybe not taking up work within a few months associated with date associated with start of work permit credibility and in regards to the conclusion regarding the work sooner than 3 months prior to the termination for the work license.
  • the manager normally in charge of informing the Voivode about any alterations in the foreigner’s task description noted on the task permit – the proper execution for publishing such info is available right here ->

In the event that company is located to stay breach among these obligations, he’s obliged to just take action that is corrective delay.

Note: the legislation offers up penalties for companies maybe maybe perhaps not satisfying the responsibilities incumbent on it stemming through the procedures associated with the work of foreigners (between 3,000 and 5,000 PLN)!

Whenever can an ongoing work license be refused because of the Voivode?

The Voivode shall will not issue an ongoing work license if the manager:

  1. Submitted information that is false utilized a false document into the application, attested to a falsehood or concealed the truth therein;
  2. have not met the needs prov >3. the employer have not satisfied the obligations incumbent on him pertaining to obtaining a work license for the foreigner and foreigner work,

4. The employer sent applications for work license for the foreigner whom:

    • will not meet with the certification needs or any other demands in the event of a controlled profession – what’s a controlled profession? ->
    • In relation to the procedure for issuing a ongoing work license she or he happens to be penalized for a criminal activity against credibility of papers,
    • in situations each time a foreigner is within the register of foreigners whoever remain on the territory of Poland is unwanted– more details on the topic can be acquired right here ->

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Whenever does work allow remain legitimate?

A work license stays legitimate:

  1. as soon as the company gets the intention of entrusting the foreigner with performance of work of a type that is different in another type of place than specified into the work license for a period of time maybe maybe maybe not surpassing 1 month in a twelve months,

ATTENTION: an improvement in place for a period of time much longer than 1 month in a twelve months calls for the distribution of a application that is new a work license!

  1. in case of a modification of the chair or host to residence or a modification of the title or legal as a type of the company, along with its takeover in entire or perhaps in component by another boss,
  2. transfer regarding the employing establishment or a component thereof to a different company,
  3. Year change in the person indicated as representing the employer in Poland in possession of documents proving the fulfillment of the obligations set out in paragraphs 1 and 2 and authorized to represent the employer before the Voivode and other bodies such as the Labour Inspectorate, if the period of the foreigner’s posting in Poland exceeds 30 days per calendar.
  4. reduced amount of working hours stipulated within the agreement using the foreigner for a period not more than half a year and also to no more than half-time, with a proportional decrease in income;
  5. in the event that foreigner will not use up operate in the initial a few months of this credibility for the license or cannot not perform work with a time period of as much as a few months, so long as such a rest stems from justified causes and it is agreed with all the company.

In most regarding the above situations the boss shall instantly alert the Voidode whom issued the license regarding the modifications on paper. The conditions essential for issuing the ongoing work permit must stay satisfied the proper execution for such notification can be obtained right here ->

Simple tips to expand an ongoing work license?

The boss is applicable for the expansion regarding the work license when it comes to international worker. Such a credit card applicatoin should be submitted maybe maybe perhaps not later on than thirty days ahead of the expiration for the work permit that is previous. The application type form for an ongoing work license expansion is present right right here ->

Listed here should be connected to the application for expansion of the foreigner’s work license:

  • papers essential to get yourself a permit that is new provided the circumstances that justified the granting associated with the previous work permit have actually changed;
  • proof payment;
  • the work agreement under that your work ended up being performed through the legitimacy amount of the permit that is previous.

In the event that company chooses that the foreigner must be promoted, then to be able to get another kind a let the county commissioner’s viewpoint is required regarding the brand new place that the foreigner will need up – what’s the labour market test? ->

Month a permit should be issued within 1.

In especially complicated instances it should be released not later on than 2 months through the commencement associated with procedure.

Exactly how much does an ongoing work license price?

PLN 50 – within the situation of a license for as much as a few months
PLN 100 – when it comes to a license for an interval much longer than three months
PLN 200 – when it comes to a foreigner delegated to Poland for doing an export solution

A software for the work permit expansion calls for the re re payment of a cost equivalent to 50 % of the fees provided above.

Appeal procedure

Your choice are appealed within fourteen days of its receipt through the competent Voivode to your Minister of Labour and Social Policy.

Appropriate foundation

Legislation associated with Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 29, 2009 on issuing a work permit for a foreigner (OJ L 2009, No. 16, item january. 84);

Legislation associated with the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of August 20, 2011 on instances when foreigners’ work with Poland is allowed with no need of getting a work license (OJ L 2011, No 155, product 919);

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