Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger considering FIFA job offer

Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed he is considering a job offer from FIFA, but says it would not stop him from completing a return to administration.
The Frenchman has been since leaving the Gunners after spending 22 years with the Premier League club.
In a meeting with beIN Sports, Wenger, 69, confirmed hes considering accepting a role at FIFA after acknowledging the global governing body must continue toenhance the rules of the sport.
He said:I only wish to share what I have learnt and return to the match in a different way. Whether I would stop coaching as well since the devil remains in there, I am not sure. However, I need to view,do I really enjoy it And can I be
What will I really be dealing with? Coaching efficiency, after-career possible and to instruct them so that they have jobs that are potential after the career of a soccer player.
We forget the play of a football player is they get to the top and at 34 years, a young guy, and its then,bye bye, its over. I believe theres enough to do there to assist the players come back and help to come up with football.

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