Former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger considering FIFA job offer

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed hes considering a job offer but says it wouldnt prevent him from finishing a return.
The Frenchman has been since leaving the Gunners in May 2018 after spending with all the Premier League club.
In an interview with beIN Sports, Wenger, 69, affirmed hes considering accepting a role at FIFA later acknowledging the global governing body needs to continue toenhance the rules of the sport.
He said:I just wish to talk about what I have learnt and return to the match in another way. I am not positive if coaching would stop also since the devil is still in there. But I need to see,do I really like it And can I be
What could I be dealing with? Coaching efficiency, after-career potential for gamers and to educate them so that they have occupations that are potential after the livelihood of a soccer player.
We overlook the play of a football player is they reach the very top and then at 34 decades, a young man, and its then,bye bye, it is over. I think there is enough to do there to assist the players come back and assist to develop soccer

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