Vincent Kompany exclusive: Those famous City moments and how I became a Manc

In an exclusive relationship with Sky Sports ahead of his manuscript, Manchester City legend Vincent Kompany appears back to 11 glittering years at the Etihad Stadium.
Kompany, that captained Manchester City to four Premier League titles, left to go back to boyhood club Anderlecht.
From the first years earlier City’s takeover, to a tide of decorations under Pep Guardiola, via that Aguero moment and Kompany moment, the 33-year-old talks with Geoff Shreeves to take a in-depth look at his time at the club…
Produced for a charge of around # 6m from Hamburg in 2008, Kompany would go to perform with 360 times, winning four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, four League Cups and two Community Shields.
Looking back on his time at City, however, Kompany insists it’s not about the decorations. The fact that the club have transitioned into the best team in England from mid-table, through bumps in the road, makes it a lot more special.
„Moving through the transition City, and overlooking each of these titles in the very first decades, then hardship in terms of expectations, failing, expectations, neglecting, and then carrying on. It’s better doing it this way, for me anyway, when I look back to this.
„I know I played a part in shaping the culture of this club, and probably the future of this club, which means a good deal. There are clubs where it is possible to do it in this way. It turned out to be a trip that is special.
„The owners came in, and they were owners who give time to construct, the perfect type of owners to your club. So many come and say they are going to pile cash in, be prosperous, but not attain it. That ownership team came in and stated they were planning to build eyesight and a plan, and will anyone doubt they did that?
„Not what was awful once I arrived, we had to change some of the players to become a winning team, however it was a Terrific club with an Excellent history, and I Believe that’s the thing I attempted to keep sharing“
The Belgian was sporadically linked away from City, but rarely did speculation proceed far. He only had eyes for City, but first choice was remaining at the Etihad though he admits he might have won league titles when he’d jumped across groups.
„I might have ended up at a different club, and out of four league titles you might have possibly turned it into eight, depending on what club you visit, and how successful it is.
„It’s an aggressive club, City. It’s not like you can sit down for a year and wait for what occurs. Every move window, every six months, you and the rest of the world are competing. Anyone better in the world, they have the duty to get to enhance the team, and so you are not given the gift of staying City for 11 decades by anybody, you need to earn it for 11 decades.
„Doing this, while being awakened by your body, my mom would have been proud of me“
Kompany is now an Mancunian. But that isn’t only a term.
Kompany is aware what it seems to be a Manc, also states he’s attempted to impact players with those traits, and hope that continues long after his departure.
„I became a Manc by the conclusion of this. Each these core values before I was a Manc I had, so I carried them when I signed. From the end of it I think there’s a strong identity of Manchester that remains in someone who never arrived from Manchester.
„If somebody puts a knock on the pitch, you just get up, get on with it. You’re in Manchester. It isn’t important whether you’re a #100m participant, as you’re in Manchester get on with it, and you are going to get up. That’s Manchester’s negative I attempted to keep throughout, and I think that the group was shaped a bit like that for others and myself.
„I mean, Carla [Kompany’s wife] and her family are enormous blues. There’s the red, who gets in Christmas! However, I got myself in a location where it always meant a great deal for me, over anywhere else.“
Four years later being shot over, the first title of City came in the most spectacular fashion. Sergio Aguero winner from QPR intended City pipped Manchester United at 2012 seen as the most spectacular moment in Premier League history.
‚Average City‘ took on a meaning.
„Average City style will have been to get rid of the game and blow it. That is what City that is average intended in those days. Now the Kun Aguero moment defines Town, you don’t give you up return and win games.
„Was my aim against Leicester more significant? His target was important! Mine appeared improved, which I never thought I’d have !
„However, his was very important. He’d do his very best to wait until that moment, since he had the worst 93 minutes of his profession, and I would have needed a word to say about that after the game if he didn’t‘ score, but that is the beauty of his occupation! One moment can always turn it about.“
Kompany got his second in May though far more worried about keeping the ball from the end. All time, the centre-back produced a stunning attack to watch Leicester 1-0 in their penultimate game off. Ever, it went down Just like Aguero’s second.
He knew that it was his final home game for City, but his choice was not yet public. Was he psychological?
„I am not an emotional kind of guy. However, it was borderline emotional when I felt a goal, and likely because everyone jumped on me and I couldn’t be seen by you. But I thought:’What if that really is the aim, what if this is the clean sheet we maintain to the end of the game, which gives the name to us.‘
„The game finished 1-0, the kids came on the pitch, so technically my final game for the club in the home, and that I knew [I was leaving]. Therefore it was very emotional because of this. But it City lovers won’t ever forget. Not revealing it felt . It was not about me, it was about winning , and what we had to win after there is always enough time for goodbyes.
„It was hard to keep the emotion inside. I’m looking around and watch this iconic stadium for me, and now I visit 57,000 people I’m really grateful towards, and also next to me my own 11 team-mates, of that I have a few gamers in particular like Kun Aguero and David Silva, that I went through everything together with, thinking:’We’re still standing and performing so together!‘ It was a night of emotions.
„That is why I can always remain very humble in my life since I think these sort of things only happen since you remain humble, focused and driven. Finally, someone says:’Here you go, you get your reward.'“
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