Boxing Betting: Over-Unders

Often times when breaking a fight, you’ve got a feeling on how long a fight will last than who will win the fight. Perhaps you feel that a fighter will not just win, but you think you understand he’ll win. In that circumstance , might be up your alley.

Within this type of wager, the winner is not important. You’re just trying to estimate how long a fight will survive. Either man can win and it’s still true that you earn. You’re merely focusing on the length of time a struggle will go.

The Money Line

Over-unders take place on the cash line. Let us use an illustration:

Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley

More than 11.5 (-180)
Under 11.5 (+150)

The minus sign is a favorite along with the plus sign is an underdog. In other words, this fight is favored to go over 11.5 rounds. If you like the“over,“ you need to wager $180 so as to win $100.

If you think the fight will end before 11.5 rounds, then you receive $150 for every $100 you wager. So merely to recap, a (-) sign means you must put up that amount to win $100. While a (+) sign means you get that amount for every $100 you wager.

Important Considerations

Several have learned the hard way to this. If the amount is 11.5, that means the fight needs to go 11.5 rounds to the“over“ to win. That means 11.5 rounds have to be completed. Consequently, the“over“ will just come to be a winner halfway through the 12th round. Many people have believed 11.5 means halfway through the 11th round, but that is wrong. The amount 11.5 does not imply halfway through the 11th round, but instead 11.5 completed rounds, which of course means the over becomes a winner in 1:30 of the 12th round.

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